Provided by: pdl_2.007-5_amd64 bug


       PDL::Graphics::PGPLOTOptions - Setting PGPLOT options


       use PGPLOTOptions qw('default_options');


       This package contains one function (at present) which returns PDL::Option objects for
       default settings for plot windows and plot commands. This should be complemented by
       functions that could affect this such as file reading commands etc.


       The following is a listing of options that are set in this file and what they do and what
       their default value is

   Window specfic options
       These options modify the appearance of windows and can also modify the default settings
       for creation of plot axes etc.

           The default PGPLOT device to use. The default value is set to the PGPLOT_DEV
           environment variable if set, otherwise to '?'.

           The colour with which to draw axes. Default value=3 (Green)

       HardLW, HardCH, HardFont, HardAxisColour, HardColour
           The linewidth, character height, font and axis colour to use on hardcopy devices. The
           default values are HardLW=1, HardCH=1.4, HardFont=2 (Roman), HardAxisColour=1 (Black)
           and HardColour=1 as well. The latter is the default plot colour to use on hardcopy

           The axis style to use. See the PDL::Graphics::PGPLOT::Window documentation for
           details. It defaults to 'Normal' which is a labelled box. Valid arguments are 'Empty',
           'Box', 'Normal', 'Axes', 'Grid', 'LogX', 'LogY', 'LogXY'.

           The aspect ratio of the output device. The default value is device dependent.

           The width of the output window in inches and defaults to as big as possible.

       WindowXSize and WindowYSize
           These are alternatives to AspectRatio and WindowWidth.

           The name of the window - can later be retrieved using name(). It defaults to
           'Window'+Window ID.

           The number of panels in the X-direction - defaults to 1

           The number of panels in the Y-direction - defaults to 1

           A boolean value which, if true, causes both axes to drawn to the same scale; see the
           PGPLOT "pgenv()" command for more information.

           Boolean value which, if true, causes axis labels to be pulled slightly closer to the
           main viewport than usual.  That's handy for making multi-panel plots.  Undef (the
           default) is equivalent to 0 for panels with NYPanels <= 1 and 1 for panels with
           NYPanels > 1.

           The relative size of a plot or image title, compared to other annotations.  Defaults
           to 1.0 (original behavior) but can be set to, e.g., 1.5 to emphasize graph titles in a
           multipanel plot.

           Adjust the spacing around the plot. See the documentation in
           PDL::Graphics::PGPLOT::Window for details.

           The default charsize for the plot - used when annotating the axes for instance. It
           defaults to 1.

           The position of the plot in normalised coordinates.

           Explicitly erase the plotting surface, normally required when making new plots with

   Plot specific options
       For the moment see the "PDL::Graphics::PGPLOT::Window" documentation for these.

       This function allows the user to set the default PGPLOT options. It is particularly useful
       in the ".perldlrc" file since one can do

         use PDL::Graphics::PGPLOTOptions ('set_pgplot_options');
         set_pgplot_options('Device' => '/xs', 'HardLW' => 3);

       for instance to set the default values. The main drawback is that the routine is rather
       unflexible with no synonyms or case-insensitivity.