Provided by: libprima-perl_1.28-1.4_amd64 bug


       Prima::PS::Fonts - PostScript device fonts metrics


               use Prima;
               use Prima::PS::Fonts;


       This module primary use is to be invoked from Prima::PS::Drawable module.  Assumed that
       some common fonts like Times and Courier are supported by PS interpreter, and it is
       assumed that typeface is preserved more-less the same, so typesetting based on font's a-b-
       c metrics can be valid.  35 font files are supplied with 11 font families. Font files with
       metrics located into 'fonts' subdirectory.

       query_metrics( $fontName)
           Returns font metric hash with requested font data, uses $defaultFontName if give name
           is not found. Metric hash is the same as Prima::Types::Font record, plus 3 extra
           fields: 'docname' containing font name ( equals always to 'name'), 'chardata' - hash
           of named glyphs, 'charheight' - the height that 'chardata' is rendered to. Every hash
           entry in 'chardata' record contains four numbers - suggested character index and a, b
           and c glyph dimensions with height equals 'charheight'.

       enum_fonts( $fontFamily)
           Returns font records for given family, or all families perpesented by one member, if
           no family name given.  If encoding specified, returns only the fonts with the encoding
           given.  Compliant to Prima::Application::fonts interface.

       files & enum_families
           Hash with paths to font metric files. File names not necessarily should be as font
           names, and it is possible to override font name contained in the file just by
           specifying different font key - this case will be recognized on loading stage and
           loaded font structure patched correspondingly.


                   $Prima::PS::Fonts::files{Standard Symbols} = $Prima::PS::Fonts::files{Symbol};

                   $Prima::PS::Fonts::files{'Device-specific symbols, set 1'} = 'my/devspec/data.1';
                   $Prima::PS::Fonts::files{'Device-specific symbols, set 2'} = 'my/devspec/data.2';
                   $Prima::PS::Fonts::enum_families{DevSpec} = 'Device-specific symbols, set 1';

       font_pick( $src, $dest, %options)
           Merges two font records using Prima::Drawable::font_match, picks the result and
           returns new record.  $variablePitchName and $fixedPitchName used on this stage.

           Options can include the following fields:

           - resolution - vertical resolution. The default value is taken from font resolution.

       enum_family( $fontFamily)
           Returns font names that are presented in given family