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       QwtLinearScaleEngine -


       #include <qwt_scale_engine.h>

       Inherits QwtScaleEngine.

   Public Member Functions
       virtual void autoScale (int maxSteps, double &x1, double &x2, double &stepSize) const
       virtual QwtScaleDiv divideScale (double x1, double x2, int numMajorSteps, int
           numMinorSteps, double stepSize=0.0) const
       virtual QwtScaleTransformation * transformation () const

   Protected Member Functions
       QwtDoubleInterval align (const QwtDoubleInterval &, double stepSize) const

   Additional Inherited Members

Detailed Description

       A scale engine for linear scales.
       The step size will fit into the pattern $t 1,2,5

Member Function Documentation

   QwtDoubleInterval QwtLinearScaleEngine::align (const QwtDoubleInterval &interval,
       doublestepSize) const [protected]
       Align an interval to a step size. The limits of an interval are aligned that both are
       integer multiples of the step size.

           interval Interval
           stepSize Step size

           Aligned interval

   void QwtLinearScaleEngine::autoScale (intmaxNumSteps, double &x1, double &x2, double
       &stepSize) const [virtual]
       Align and divide an interval

           maxNumSteps Max. number of steps
           x1 First limit of the interval (In/Out)
           x2 Second limit of the interval (In/Out)
           stepSize Step size (Out)

       See also:

       Implements QwtScaleEngine.

   QwtScaleDiv QwtLinearScaleEngine::divideScale (doublex1, doublex2, intmaxMajSteps,
       intmaxMinSteps, doublestepSize = 0.0) const [virtual]
       Calculate a scale division. Parameters:
           x1 First interval limit
           x2 Second interval limit
           maxMajSteps Maximum for the number of major steps
           maxMinSteps Maximum number of minor steps
           stepSize Step size. If stepSize == 0, the scaleEngine calculates one.

       See also:
           QwtScaleEngine::stepSize(), QwtScaleEngine::subDivide()

       Implements QwtScaleEngine.

   QwtScaleTransformation * QwtLinearScaleEngine::transformation () const [virtual]
       Return a transformation, for linear scales

       Implements QwtScaleEngine.


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