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       QwtRoundScaleDraw -


       #include <qwt_round_scale_draw.h>

       Inherits QwtAbstractScaleDraw.

       Inherited by QwtDialScaleDraw.

   Public Member Functions
       QwtRoundScaleDraw ()
       QwtRoundScaleDraw (const QwtRoundScaleDraw &)
       virtual ~QwtRoundScaleDraw ()
       QPoint center () const
       virtual int extent (const QPen &, const QFont &) const
       void moveCenter (int x, int y)
       void moveCenter (const QPoint &)
       QwtRoundScaleDraw & operator= (const QwtRoundScaleDraw &other)
       int radius () const
       void setAngleRange (double angle1, double angle2)
       void setRadius (int radius)

   Protected Member Functions
       virtual void drawBackbone (QPainter *p) const
       virtual void drawLabel (QPainter *p, double val) const
       virtual void drawTick (QPainter *p, double val, int len) const

   Additional Inherited Members

Detailed Description

       A class for drawing round scales.

       QwtRoundScaleDraw can be used to draw round scales. The circle segment can be adjusted by
       QwtRoundScaleDraw::setAngleRange(). The geometry of the scale can be specified with
       QwtRoundScaleDraw::moveCenter() and QwtRoundScaleDraw::setRadius().

       After a scale division has been specified as a QwtScaleDiv object using
       QwtAbstractScaleDraw::setScaleDiv(const QwtScaleDiv &s), the scale can be drawn with the
       QwtAbstractScaleDraw::draw() member.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

   QwtRoundScaleDraw::QwtRoundScaleDraw ()
       Constructor. The range of the scale is initialized to [0, 100], The center is set to (50,
       50) with a radius of 50. The angle range is set to [-135, 135].

Member Function Documentation

   void QwtRoundScaleDraw::drawBackbone (QPainter *painter) const [protected],  [virtual]
       Draws the baseline of the scale

           painter Painter

       See also:
           drawTick(), drawLabel()

       Implements QwtAbstractScaleDraw.

   void QwtRoundScaleDraw::drawLabel (QPainter *painter, doublevalue) const [protected],
       Draws the label for a major scale tick

           painter Painter
           value Value

       See also:
           drawTick(), drawBackbone()

       Implements QwtAbstractScaleDraw.

   void QwtRoundScaleDraw::drawTick (QPainter *painter, doublevalue, intlen) const [protected],
       Draw a tick

           painter Painter
           value Value of the tick
           len Length of the tick

       See also:
           drawBackbone(), drawLabel()

       Implements QwtAbstractScaleDraw.

   int QwtRoundScaleDraw::extent (const QPen &pen, const QFont &font) const [virtual]
       Calculate the extent of the scale

       The extent is the distcance between the baseline to the outermost pixel of the scale draw.
       radius() + extent() is an upper limit for the radius of the bounding circle.

           pen Pen that is used for painting backbone and ticks
           font Font used for painting the labels

       See also:
           setMinimumExtent(), minimumExtent()

           The implemented algo is not too smart and calculates only an upper limit, that might
           be a few pixels too large

       Implements QwtAbstractScaleDraw.

   void QwtRoundScaleDraw::moveCenter (const QPoint &center)
       Move the center of the scale draw, leaving the radius unchanged

           center New center

       See also:

   int QwtRoundScaleDraw::radius () const
       Get the radius

       Radius is the radius of the backbone without ticks and labels.

       See also:
           setRadius(), extent()

   void QwtRoundScaleDraw::setAngleRange (doubleangle1, doubleangle2)
       Adjust the baseline circle segment for round scales. The baseline will be drawn from
       min(angle1,angle2) to max(angle1, angle2). The default setting is [ -135, 135 ]. An angle
       of 0 degrees corresponds to the 12 o'clock position, and positive angles count in a
       clockwise direction.

           angle2 boundaries of the angle interval in degrees.

           · The angle range is limited to [-360, 360] degrees. Angles exceeding this range will
             be clipped.
           · For angles more than 359 degrees above or below min(angle1, angle2), scale marks
             will not be drawn.
           · If you need a counterclockwise scale, use QwtScaleDiv::setRange
   void QwtRoundScaleDraw::setRadius (intradius)
       Change of radius the scale
       Radius is the radius of the backbone without ticks and labels.
           radius New Radius
       See also:


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