Provided by: librefdb-sru-perl_0.7-2_all bug


       RefDB::SRUserver - Lightweight SRU server for RefDB


       use warnings; use strict;

       use RefDB::SRUserver;

       # change into the directory that contains the sru stylesheets

       chdir '<refdblib>/sru' or die "Can't cd to stylesheet directory: $!\n";

       # create and start the web server

       my $server = RefDB::SRUserver->new();



       This is a simple standalone SRU server for RefDB. By default, it doesn't thread, fork,
       scale well, run fast, or do anything else you'd need to serve out datasets to the world.
       It is intended to set up a no-frills SRU server without having to configure a web server
       like Apache. If you need performance, or want to allow remote access to your RefDB data,
       by all means use the RefDB SRU CGI module with a decent web server instead. The CGI module
       is available in the same package as this standalone server.

       To add some level of security, an application using this module must run from or change to
       the subdirectory which contains the stylesheets. All path info is stripped, and the
       stylesheets are then served from the current working directory. This should keep most
       users from sharing their /etc/passwd with everyone else.


       Send bug reports, questions, and comments to the refdb-users mailing list at:

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       Markus Hoenicka,


       This module is part of the RefDB package, a reference manager and bibliography tool for
       markup languages. Please visit for further information.

       This routine prints a banner before the server request-handling loop starts.

   handle_request CGI
       This routine is called whenever your server gets a request it can handle.

       It's called with a CGI object that's been pre-initialized.