Provided by: rex_1.3.3-1_all bug


       Rex::Logger - Logging Module


       This module is the logging module. You can define custom logformats.


        $Rex::Logger::format = '[%D] %s';
        # will output something like
        # [2012-04-12 18:35:12] Installing package vim

        $Rex::Logger::format = '%h - %D - %s';
        # will output something like
        # srv001 - 2012-04-12 18:35:12 - Installing package vim


           Setting this variable to 1 will enable debug logging.

            $Rex::Logger::debug = 1;

           If you set this variable to 1 nothing will be logged.

            $Rex::Logger::silent = 1;

           You can define the logging format with the following parameters.

           %D - Appends the current date yyyy-mm-dd HH:mm:ss

           %h - The target host

           %p - The pid of the running process

           %l - Loglevel (INFO or DEBUG)

           %s - The Logstring

           Default is: [%D] %l - %s