Provided by: libswf-perl_0.4.5-1.2ubuntu7_amd64 bug


       SWF::SoundStream - SWF Sound Stream class


               use SWF::SoundStream;
               my $soundstream = new SWF::SoundStream("wau.mp3");
               print $soundstream->getDuration();
               ##  print $soundstream->getFrames();    # won't work until it belongs to movie
               print $soundstream->getFrames();        # but _now_ it is okay (but anyway deprecated)


       SWF::SoundStream is a helper class useful for adding sound into SWF applications.


       $soundstream = new SWF::SoundStream($filename)
           Creates a SWF::SoundStream object. If the file can't be opened the constructor will
           return an undef value of course. The filename is the valid name of any mp3 or flv

       $dura = $soundstream->getDuration()
           This function returns the duration of a given stream in ms.  Works for streams of mp3,
           flv types only. On other cases it returns 0.

       $frames = $soundstream->getFrames()
           Using getFrames() is deprecated, better use getDuration(). getFrames() returns the
           number of movie frames necessary to play the full sound stream. For this reason it
           works only if the sound stream object was added to a movie, and also only for streams
           of mp3 -files.


               developers of, Albrecht Kleine


       SWF, SWF:: Movie, SWF::MovieClip, SWF::Button, SWF::Sound, SWF::SoundInstance,
       SWF::Constants, SWF::Videostream