Provided by: libming-dev_0.4.5-1.2ubuntu7_amd64 bug


       SWFGradient_addEntry - add a gradient control point


       #include <ming.h>

       void SWFGradient_addEntry
            SWFGradient gradient,
            float ratio,
            byte r,
            byte g,
            byte b,
            byte a


       SWFGradient gradient
              Not Documented.

       float ratio
              Not Documented.

       byte r Not Documented.

       byte g Not Documented.

       byte b Not Documented.

       byte a Not Documented.


       The  ratio defines the position of the control point and RGBA defines its color.  SWF <= 7
       allows up to 8 control points SWF >= 8 allows up to 15 control points

       The ration parameter is a float and must be in a range between [0.0 ... 1.0].

       In order to use SWF8 gradient features you need to set SWFShapes  version  to  SWF_SHAPE4.
       Use SWFShape_useVersion() and friends.