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       Tk::Menu::Item - Base class for Menu items


          require Tk::Menu::Item;

          my $but = $menu->Button(...);
          my $what = $but->cget();

          package Whatever;
          require Tk::Menu::Item;
          @ISA = qw(Tk::Menu::Item);

          sub PreInit
           my ($class,$menu,$info) = @_;
           $info->{'-xxxxx'} = ...
           my $y = delete $info->{'-yyyy'};


       Tk::Menu::Item is the base class from which Tk::Menu::Button, Tk::Menu::Cascade,
       Tk::Menu::Radiobutton and Tk::Menu::Checkbutton are derived.  There is also a

       Constructors are declared so that $menu->Button(...) etc. do what you would expect.

       The "-label" option is pre-processed allowing ~ to be prefixed to the character to derive
       a "-underline" value. Thus

           $menu->Button(-label => 'Goto ~Home',...)

           is equivalent to

           $menu->Button(-label => 'Goto Home', -underline => 6, ...)

       The "Cascade" menu item creates a sub-menu and accepts these options:

           A list of items for the sub-menu.  Within this list (which is also accepted by Menu
           and Menubutton) the first two elements of each item should be the "constructor" name
           and the label:

               -menuitems => [
                              [Button      => '~Quit', -command => [destroy => $mw]],
                              [Checkbutton => '~Oil',  -variable => \$oil],

           A callback to be invoked before posting the menu.

           Specifies whether sub-menu can be torn-off or not.

           Scalar reference that will be set to the newly-created sub-menu.

       The returned object is currently a blessed reference to an array of two items: the
       containing Menu and the 'label'.  Methods "configure" and "cget" are mapped onto
       underlying "entryconfigure" and "entrycget".

       The main purpose of the OO interface is to allow derived item classes to be defined which
       pre-set the options used to create a more basic item.


       This OO interface is very new. Using the label as the "key" is a problem for separaror
       items which don't have one. The alternative would be to use an index into the menu but
       that is a problem if items are deleted (or inserted other than at the end).

       There should probably be a PostInit entry point too, or a more widget like defered