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       qpsmtpd - Upgrade notes

Upgrade notes

       When upgrading please review these notes for the versions you are upgrading from.

   v0.84 or below

       All 3 plugins are deprecated and replaced with a new 'relay' plugin. The new plugin reads
       the same config files (see 'perldoc plugins/relay') as the previous plugins. To get the
       equivalent functionality of enabling 'relay_only', use the 'only' argument to the relay
       plugin as documented in the RELAY ONLY section of plugins/relay.

       GREYLISTING plugin

       'mode' config argument is deprecated. Use reject and reject_type instead.

       The greylisting DB format has changed to accommodate IPv6 addresses. (The DB key has colon
       ':' seperated fields, and IPv6 addresses are colon delimited). The new format converts the
       IPs into integers. There is a new config option named 'upgrade' that when enabled, updates
       all the records in your DB to the new format. Simply add 'upgrade 1' to the plugin entry
       in config/plugins, start up qpsmtpd once, make one connection. A log entry will be made,
       telling how many records were upgraded. Remove the upgrade option from your config.

       SPF plugin

       spf_deny setting deprecated. Use reject N setting instead, which provides administrators
       with more granular control over SPF. For backward compatibility, a spf_deny setting of 1
       is mapped to 'reject 3' and a 'spf_deny 2' is mapped to 'reject 4'.

       P0F plugin

       defaults to p0f v3 (was v2).

       Upgrade p0f to version 3 or add 'version 2' to your p0f line in config/plugins. perldoc
       plugins/ident/p0f for more details.