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       WWW::CNic::NG - a next generation interface to "WWW:CNic".


               use WWW::CNic::NG;
               use strict;

               my $cnic = WWW::CNic::NG->new(
                       'username'      => 'H12345',
                       'password'      => 'password',
                       'test'          => 1, # run against the test database

               # $response is a WWW::CNic::Response submodule:
               my $response = $cnic->whois('domain' => '');


       "WWW::CNIC::NG" provides a simpler and more consistent interface to the "WWW::CNIC"
       module. It allows you to reuse the same object for multiple API calls, and provides
       Toolkit commands as methods of the object.

Executing Toolkit Commands

       If you have used "WWW:CNic" you will be familiar with using it like so:

               my $query = WWW::CNic->new(
                       'command'       => 'whois',
                       'username'      => 'H12345',
                       'password'      => 'password',
                       'domain'        => '',


               # $response is a WWW::CNic::Response submodule:
               my $response = $query->execute;

       This is somewhat cumbersome compared to the earlier example.  "WWW::CNIC::NG" serves to
       tidy up some of this mess.

       Instead of specifying the desired command as a parameter supplied to the constructor, you
       simply call the method you want to use on the "WWW::CNIC::NG" object. The method's
       parameters are then used to prepare a query, and the response from the server is returned
       from the method.


       This module is (c) 2011 CentralNic Ltd. All rights reserved. This module is free software;
       you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.



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