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       WWW::CNic::Simple - a procedural interface to WWW::CNic


               use WWW::CNic::Simple;

               my @suffixes = suffixes();

               my %results = check('test-domain', '', '');
               print " is registered.\n" if ($results{''} == 1);

               my %whois = whois('');
               print "domain status: $whois{status}\n";


       This interface is intended for those who want a simplified view of the WWW::CNic library.
       It provides simple functions for querying the CentralNic system, making it ideal for one-
       liners and other tasks.

       Please note that it is not possible to make domain registrations or modifications using


               my @suffixes = suffixes();

       This function returns an array containing the currently live CentralNic suffixes.

               my %result = check($domain, @suffixes);

       This function does an availability check on $domain against the suffixes contained in
       @suffixes. Note that if @suffixes is omitted the check will run against all CentralNic

       The function returns a hash of the form:

               my %result = (  ''        => 1,
                               ''        => 0,
                               ''        => 0);

       where 1 indicates that the domain is already registered.

               my %whois = whois($domain);

       This function returns a hash containing whois data for the given $domain This hash is of
       the form:

               my %whois =     {       chandle         => {    postcode        => 'SW6 4SN',
                                                               country         => 'UK',
                                                               userid          => 'C11480',
                                                               fax             => 'N/A',
                                                               addr            => "163 New King's Road, Fulham, London",
                                                               name            => 'Hostmaster',
                                                               email           => '',
                                                               phone           => '020 7751 9000',
                                                               company         => 'CentralNic Ltd' },
                                       expires         => '1001458800',
                                       status          => 'Live',
                                       thandle         => # as chandle above
                                       bhandle         => # as chandle above
                                       registrant      => 'CentralNic Ltd',
                                       domain          => '',
                                       created         => '1001458800'


       This module is (c) 2011 CentralNic Ltd. All rights reserved. This module is free software;
       you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.



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       ·   WWW::CNic::Cookbook