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       Weather::Com::Simple - Simple Wrapper around the Weather::Com::Cached API


         use Data::Dumper;
         use Weather::Com::Simple;

         # define parameters for weather search
         my %params = (
                       'partner_id' => 'somepartnerid',
                       'license'    => '12345678',
                       'place'      => 'Heidelberg',

         # instantiate a new object
         my $simple_weather = Weather::Com::Simple->new(%params);

         my $weather = $simple_weather->get_weather();

         print Dumper($weather);


       Weather::Com::Simple is a very high level wrapper around Weather::Com::Cached.  You
       provide a place to search for (e.g. a city or "city, country") and you'll get back a
       simple hash containing some usefull weather information about all locations whose name
       matches to the search string.


       new(hash or hashref)

       The constructor takes the same hash or hashref as Weather::Com::Cached does.  Please refer
       to that documentation for further details.

       Except from the Weather::Com::Cached parameters this constructor takes a parameter place
       which defines the location to search for. It is not possible to provide the location to
       search to the get_weather() method!



       This method invokes the Weather::Com::Cached API to fetch some weather information and
       returns an arrayref containing one or many hashrefs with some high level weather

       If no location matching the search string is found, it returns undef.

       When you construct a Weather::Com::Simple object like shown in the synopsis above, the
       arrayref returned has the following structure:

         $VAR1 = [
                               'place'      => 'Heidelberg, Germany',
                               'celsius'                => '0',
                               'fahrenheit'             => '32',
                               'temperature_celsius'    => '0',
                               'temperature_fahrenheit' => '32'
                               'windchill_celsius'      => '-6',
                               'windchill_fahrenheit'   => '21',
                               'windspeed_kmh'          => '26',
                               'windspeed_mph'          => '16',
                               'wind'       => '16 mph 26 km/h from the North Northeast',
                               'updated'    => '11:50 AM Local on January 26, 2005',
                               'conditions' => 'Partly Cloudy',
                               'pressure'   => '30.21 in / 1023.0 hPa',
                               'humidity'   => '60',
                               'place' => 'Heidelberg, KY',


                               'place' => 'Heidelberg, MS',




       See also documentation of Weather::Com and Weather::Com::Cached.


       Thomas Schnuecker, <>


       Copyright (C) 2004-2007 by Thomas Schnuecker

       This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same
       terms as Perl itself.

       The data provided by and made accessible by this OO interface can be used for
       free under special terms.  Please have a look at the application programming guide of (