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       XmListSetKbdItemPos  —  A  List  function  that  sets  the  location cursor at a specified
       position "XmListSetKbdItemPos" "List functions" "XmListSetKbdItemPos"


       #include <Xm/List.h>
       Boolean XmListSetKbdItemPos(
       Widget widget,
       int position);


       XmListSetKbdItemPos sets the location cursor at  the  item  specified  by  position.  This
       function does not determine if the item at the specified position is selected or not.

       widget    Specifies the ID of the List widget.

       position  Specifies  the position of the item at which the location cursor is set. A value
                 of 1 indicates the first item in the list; a value of  2  indicates  the  second
                 item;  and  so on. A value of 0 (zero) sets the location cursor at the last item
                 in the list.

       For a complete definition of List and its associated resources, see XmList(3).


       Returns False if no item exists at the  specified  position  or  if  the  list  is  empty;
       otherwise, returns True.