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       XmToggleButton   —   The   ToggleButton   widget  class  "XmToggleButton"  "widget  class"


       #include <Xm/ToggleB.h>


       ToggleButton sets nontransitory state data within  an  application.  Usually  this  widget
       consists  of  an indicator (square, diamond, or round) with either text or a pixmap on one
       side of it.  However, it can also consist of just text or a pixmap without the indicator.

       The toggle graphics display a 1-of-many, N-of-many, or  1-of-many-round  selection  state.
       When  a  toggle  indicator  is  displayed, a square indicator shows an N-of-many selection
       state, a diamond-shaped indicator shows a 1-of-many selection state, and  a  circle-shaped
       indicator shows a 1-of-many-round selection state.

       ToggleButton  implies  a  set or unset state.  In the case of a label and an indicator, an
       empty indicator (square, diamond, or round) indicates that ToggleButton is  unset,  and  a
       filled  indicator  shows  that it is set. The indicator may be filled with a check mark, a
       cross, or the select color. In the case of a pixmap toggle, different pixmaps are used  to
       display  the  set/unset states.  ToggleButton can also indicate an indeterminate state. In
       the case of a label and an indicator, an indeterminate state is indicated  by  a  stippled
       flat  box.   In  the  case  of  a pixmap toggle, a different pixmap is used to display the
       indeterminate state.

       The default behavior associated with a ToggleButton in a menu depends on the type of  menu
       system in which it resides.  By default, <Btn1> controls the behavior of the ToggleButton.
       In addition, <Btn3> controls the behavior of the ToggleButton if it resides in a PopupMenu
       system.  The actual mouse button used is determined by its RowColumn parent.

       Label's  resource  XmNmarginLeft may be increased to accommodate the toggle indicator when
       it is created.

       ToggleButton uses the XmQTmenuSystem and XmQTspecifyRenderTable traits.

       ToggleButton inherits behavior, resources, and traits from Core, XmPrimitive, and XmLabel.

       The class pointer is xmToggleButtonWidgetClass.

       The class name is XmToggleButton.

   New Resources
       The following table defines a set of widget resources used by the  programmer  to  specify
       data.  The  programmer  can  also set the resource values for the inherited classes to set
       attributes for this widget. To reference a resource by name or by class  in  a  .Xdefaults
       file,  remove  the  XmN or XmC prefix and use the remaining letters. To specify one of the
       defined values for a resource in a .Xdefaults file, remove  the  Xm  prefix  and  use  the
       remaining  letters  (in either lowercase or uppercase, but include any underscores between
       words).  The codes in the access column indicate if the  given  resource  can  be  set  at
       creation time (C), set by using XtSetValues (S), retrieved by using XtGetValues (G), or is
       not applicable (N/A).

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