Provided by: libncarg-dev_6.3.0-6build1_amd64 bug


       CPSETI - Sets the value of an internal parameter of type INTEGER or REAL.




       #include <ncarg/ncargC.h>

       void c_cpseti (char *pnam, int ival)


       PNAM        (CHARACTER, input) is the name of a parameter to be given an integer value.
                   Only the first three characters of PNAM are examined. It is recommended that
                   the rest of the character string be used to improve the readability of the
                   code. For example, instead of 'ILA', use 'ILA - INFORMATIONAL LABEL ANGLE'.

       IVAL        (INTEGER, input) is an expression, the value of which is to be given to the
                   parameter specified by PNAM.  If the internal parameter is of type INTEGER,
                   the value given to it is IVAL.  If the internal parameter is of type REAL, the
                   value given to it is REAL(IVAL).


       The C-binding argument descriptions are the same as the FORTRAN argument descriptions.


       This routine allows you to set the current value of Conpack parameters.  For a complete
       list of parameters available in this utility, see the conpack_params man page.


       Use the ncargex command to see the following relevant examples: ccpcfx, ccpcica, ccpcir,
       ccpcis, ccpcit, ccpclc, ccpcld, ccpcldm, ccpcll, ccpclu, ccpfil, ccphand, ccphcf, ccphl,
       ccphlt, ccpila, ccpklb, ccplbdr, ccpline, ccpllb, ccpllc, ccplll, ccpllo, ccpllp, ccpllt,
       ccpllw, ccpmap, ccpmovi, ccpmpxy, ccpncls, ccpnet, ccpnof, ccpnsd, ccppc, ccppc1, ccppc2,
       ccppc3, ccppc4, ccppkcl, ccppole, ccprc, ccppole, ccpset, ccpspv, ccpt2d, ccpvp, ccpvs,
       colcon, cpex01, cpex02, cpex03, cpex04, cpex05, cpex06, cpex07, cpex08, cpex09, cbex01,
       vvex01, tconpa, fcover, ffex03, ffex05, fsfsgfa.


       To use CPSETI or c_cpseti, load the NCAR Graphics libraries ncarg, ncarg_gks, and ncarg_c,
       preferably in that order.


       See the conpack man page for a description of all Conpack error messages and/or
       informational messages.


       Online: conpack, conpack_params, cpback, cpchcf, cpchcl, cpchhl, cpchil, cpchll, cpcica,
       cpclam, cpcldm, cpcldr, cpcltr, cpcnrc, cpdrpl, cpezct, cpgetc, cpgeti, cpgetr, cplbam,
       cplbdr, cpmpxy, cpmviw, cpmvrw, cppkcl, cppklb, cprect, cprset, cpscae, cpsetc, cpsetr,
       cpsps1, cpsps2, ncarg_cbind

       Hardcopy: NCAR Graphics Contouring and Mapping Tutorial


       Copyright (C) 1987-2009
       University Corporation for Atmospheric Research

       The use of this Software is governed by a License Agreement.