Provided by: libncarg-dev_6.3.0-6build1_amd64 bug


       GQASF  -  (Inquire  aspect source flags) - Inquires the values for the aspect source flags
       that determine whether primitive attributes are to be selected from individual settings or
       from "bundle tables".




       #include <ncarg/gks.h>

       void ginq_asfs(Gint *err_ind, Gasfs *list_asf);


       ERRIND      (Integer, Output) - If the inquired value cannot be returned correctly, a non-
                   zero error indicator is returned in ERRIND,  otherwise  a  zero  is  returned.
                   Consult  "User's  Guide  for  NCAR  GKS-0A  Graphics" for a description of the
                   meaning of the error indicators.

       LASF        (Integer array, output) - An array of settings for the thirteen attributes:

                    1     Linetype

                    2     Linewidth scale factor

                    3     Polyline color index

                    4     Marker type

                    5     Marker size scale factor

                    6     Polymarker color index

                    7     Text font and precision

                    8     Character expansion factor

                    9     Character spacing

                   10     Text color index

                   11     Fill area interior style

                   12     Fill area style index

                   13     Fill area color index

       Each value of LASF is either "0" (for "bundled") or "1" (for "individual").


       In NCAR Graphics all attribute aspect source flags  are  defaulted  to  "individual"  (all
       values  for  LASF  are  "1").   It  is advised that for dependable results when using NCAR
       Graphics these values remain in their default settings.  Some GKS packages  default  these
       values  to  "bundled".   GQASF  can be called to determine the values of all aspect source


       To use GKS routines, load the NCAR GKS-0A library ncarg_gks.


       Online: gsasf, gsln, gslwsc, gsplci, gsmk, gsmksc, gspmci, gstxfp, gschxp, gstxsp, gstxci,
       gsfais,  gsfasi,  gsfaci,  gqln,  gqlwsc,  gqplci,  gqmk,  gqmksc, gqpmci, gqtxfp, gqchxp,
       gqtxsp, gqtxci, gqfais, gqfasi, gqfaci,, ginq_asfs

       Hardcopy: "User's Guide for NCAR GKS-0A Graphics"


       Copyright (C) 1987-2009
       University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
       The use of this Software is governed by a License Agreement.