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       gset_colr_rep (Set color representation) - associates a color value with a color index.


       #include <ncarg/gks.h>

       void gset_colr_rep(Gint ws_id, Gint colr_ind, const Gcolr_rep *colr_rep);


       ws_id       (Input)  -  A  workstation identifier.  ws_id must be the same as that used in
                   some previous gopen_ws call.

       colr_ind    (Input) - A color index.
                   (Gfloat, Input) - An intensity value for red between 0. and 1. inclusive.
                   (Gfloat, Input) - An intensity value for green between 0. and 1. inclusive.
                   (Gfloat, Input) - An intensity value for blue between 0. and 1. inclusive.


       Color in GKS is "indexed", i.e. color attributes are assigned to  primitives  by  using  a
       color index.  The GKS function gset_colr_rep is used to associate a color value with color

       It is recommended that all color indices used in a given job be defined prior  to  calling
       any  output primitive.  Since the result of a dynamic color change can be ambiguous, it is
       also recommended that gset_colr_rep not be called  to  change  a  color  value  after  the
       original definitions.

       gset_colr_rep  may be called after opening the workstation for which the color indices are
       to be defined, and not before that workstation is opened.  Different color tables  can  be
       maintained  for  different workstations.  For example, color index 2 for a CGM file may be
       associated with "red" while at the same time it may be associated with "green" for some  X

       It  is  important  to stress that color index 0 defines the background color. If any color
       indices are defined, then you should define the background color index  0.  Otherwise  you
       run the risk of having a user-defined color match the default background color.

       For  all  GKS  output primitives, color is assigned by an indexing scheme. The indices run
       from 0 to 255, where 0 is the background color index and 1 is the foreground color index.


       To use the GKS C-binding routines, load the ncarg_gks and ncarg_c libraries.


       Online: ginq_colr_rep(3NCARG),  gset_line_colr_ind(3NCARG),  gset_marker_colr_ind(3NCARG),
       gset_fill_colr_ind(3NCARG),     gset_text_colr_ind(3NCARG),    ginq_line_colr_ind(3NCARG),
       ginq_marker_colr_ind(3NCARG),   ginq_fill_colr_ind(3NCARG),    ginq_text_colr_ind(3NCARG),
       gks(3NCARG), ncarg_gks_cbind(3NCARG)

       Hardcopy: User's Guide for NCAR GKS-0A Graphics; NCAR Graphics Fundamentals, UNIX Version


       Copyright (C) 1987-2009
       University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
       The use of this Software is governed by a License Agreement.