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       icetCreateMPICommunicator -- Converts an MPI communicator to an IceT communicator.


       #include <IceTMPI.h>

       IceTCommunicator icetCreateMPICommunicator(
                                        MPI_Comm  mpi_comm  );


       IceT  requires  a  communicator  in  order to perform correctly. An application is free to
       build its own communicator, but many will simply prefer  to  use  MPI,  which  is  a  well
       established  parallel  communication  tool.  Thus,  IceT  comes  with an implementation of
       IceTCommunicator that uses the MPI communication layer underneath.

       icetCreateMPICommunicator is used to create an IceTCommunicator that uses the mpi_comm MPI
       communication  object.  The  resulting  IceTCommunicator shares the same process group and
       process rank as the original MPI_Comm communicator.

       mpi_comm is duplicated, which has two consiquences. First, all process in mpi_comm's group
       may  need to call icetCreateMPICommunicator in order for any of them to proceed (depending
       on the MPI implementation).  Second,  mpi_comm  and  the  resulting  IceTCommunicator  are
       decoupled  from  each  other.   Communications  in  one  cannot  affect another. Also, one
       communicator may be destroyed without affecting the other.

Return Value

       An IceTCommunicator with the same process group and rank as  mpi_comm.   The  communicator
       may be destroyed with a call to icetDestroyMPICommunicator.






       All MPI errors are ignored.


       Copyright (C)2003 Sandia Corporation

       Under the terms of Contract DE-AC04-94AL85000 with Sandia Corporation, the U.S. Government
       retains certain rights in this software.

       This source code is released under the New BSD License.

See Also

       icetDestroyMPICommunicator(3), icetCreateContext(3)

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