Provided by: liblimereg1_1.4.0-2_amd64 bug


       liblimereg - Library for lightweight image registration.  Software development library,
       that performs a 2D, rigid image registration on two greyscale images and outputs either
       the transformation parameters or the registered image.


Usage Information

       Link with -mlimereg and #include <limereg.h>. API documentation see: man limereg.h


       Copyright 2014, Roelof Berg, Licensed under the 3-clause BSD license at http://berg- Credit goes to Lars Koenig and Jan Ruehaak from
       Fraunhofer MEVIS in Germany.


       In the source distribution at the
       following folders contain examples: tests: C written test automation that can be used as
       example code. exe: C++ written commandline utility using liblimereg.