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       owperl - perl interface for the 1-wire filesystem

       use OW ;
       OW::init( interface );
       OW::init( initialization string );

       The  full  set  of  initialization  options  is  extensive. They correspond roughly to the
       command line options of ,B owfs (1) owhttpd (1) and owftpd (1)
       OW::get( path );
       OW::put( path , value );


       1-wire is a wiring protocol and series of devices  designed  and  manufactured  by  Dallas
       Semiconductor,  Inc.  The bus is a low-power low-speed low-connector scheme where the data
       line can also provide power.

       Each device is uniquely and unalterably numbered during  manufacture.  There  are  a  wide
       variety  of  devices,  including memory, sensors (humidity, temperature, voltage, contact,
       current), switches, timers and data  loggers.  More  complex  devices  (like  thermocouple
       sensors)  can  be  built with these basic devices. There are also 1-wire devices that have
       encryption included.

       The 1-wire scheme uses a single bus master and multiple slaves on the same wire.  The  bus
       master  initiates  all  communication.  The  slaves  can  be  individually  discovered and
       addressed using their unique ID.

       Bus masters come in a variety of configurations including serial, parallel,  i2c,  network
       or USB adapters.

   OWFS design
       OWFS  is  a  suite of programs that designed to make the 1-wire bus and its devices easily
       accessible. The underlying principle is to create a virtual filesystem, with the unique ID
       being the directory, and the individual properties of the device are represented as simple
       files that can be read and written.

       Details of the individual slave or master design are hidden behind a consistent interface.
       The  goal  is to provide an easy set of tools for a software designer to create monitoring
       or control applications. There are some performance enhancements  in  the  implementation,
       including  data  caching,  parallel  access  to  bus  masters,  and  aggregation of device
       communication.  Still  the  fundemental  goal  has  been  ease  of  use,  flexibility  and
       correctness rather than speed.

       owperl  (3)  is  a perl module that provides an interface to OWFS. The path to each 1-wire
       device is the same as owfs (1) . Only the top layer has been  modified  to  return  native
       perl strings.

       owperl  (3)  is  created by swig (1) ( which can be easily modified to
       support other programming languages.


   OW::init( interface )
       Location of the 1-wire bus:

       "u"    Direct connection to the 1-wire interface on the USB port -- DS9490

              Direct connection to a 1-wire interface on the serial port -- DS9097U or DS9097

       port | :port | IPaddress:port
              Location of an owserver daemon that connects to the 1-wire bus. Multiple owperl  as
              well  as  owfs and owhttpd programs can access the owserver process simultaneously.
              In fact, this will probably be the preferred mode of  access  to  OWFS  for  owperl
              except in trivial applications.


       perl -MOW -e "OW::init('/dev/ttyS1'); printf OW::get('ยด);"


       owfs  (1)  owhttpd  (1) owftpd (1) owserver (1) owdir (1) owread (1) owwrite (1) owpresent
       (1) owtap (1)

   Configuration and testing
       owfs (5) owtap (1) owmon (1)

   Language bindings
       owtcl (3) owperl (3) owcapi (3)

       DS1427 (3) DS1904(3) DS1994 (3) DS2404 (3) DS2404S (3) DS2415 (3) DS2417 (3)

       DS2401 (3) DS2411 (3) DS1990A (3)

       DS1982 (3) DS1985 (3) DS1986 (3) DS1991 (3) DS1992 (3) DS1993 (3) DS1995  (3)  DS1996  (3)
       DS2430A (3) DS2431 (3) DS2433 (3) DS2502 (3) DS2506 (3) DS28E04 (3) DS28EC20 (3)

       DS2405 (3) DS2406 (3) DS2408 (3) DS2409 (3) DS2413 (3) DS28EA00 (3)

       DS1822  (3) DS1825 (3) DS1820 (3) DS18B20 (3) DS18S20 (3) DS1920 (3) DS1921 (3) DS1821 (3)
       DS28EA00 (3) DS28E04 (3) EDS0064 (3) EDS0065 (3)  EDS0066  (3)  EDS0067  (3)  EDS0068  (3)
       EDS0071 (3) EDS0072 (3) MAX31826 (3)

       DS1922 (3) DS2438 (3) EDS0065 (3) EDS0068 (3)

       DS2450 (3)

       DS2890 (3)

   Multifunction (current, voltage, temperature)
       DS2436  (3)  DS2437  (3) DS2438 (3) DS2751 (3) DS2755 (3) DS2756 (3) DS2760 (3) DS2770 (3)
       DS2780 (3) DS2781 (3) DS2788 (3) DS2784 (3)

       DS2423 (3)

   LCD Screen
       LCD (3) DS2408 (3)

       DS1977 (3)

       DS2406 (3) TAI8570 EDS0066 (3) EDS0068 (3)

       EEEF (3) DS2438 (3)



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