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       plbop - Begin a new page




       Begins  a new page.  For a file driver, the output file is opened if necessary.  Advancing
       the page via pleop(3plplot) and plbop(3plplot) is useful when a page break is desired at a
       particular   point  when  plotting  to  subpages.   Another  use  for  pleop(3plplot)  and
       plbop(3plplot) is when plotting pages to different files, since you can manually  set  the
       file  name  by  calling  plsfnam(3plplot)  after the call to pleop(3plplot). (In fact some
       drivers may only support a single page per file, making this a  necessity.)   One  way  to
       handle this case automatically is to page advance via pladv(3plplot), but enable familying
       (see plsfam(3plplot)) with a small limit on the file size so that a new family member file
       will be created on each page break.

       Redacted form: plbop()

       This function is used in examples 2,20.


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       contributed to PLplot over its long history.


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