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       plmtex3 - Write text relative to viewport boundaries in 3D plots


       plmtex3(side, disp, pos, just, text)


       Writes  text  at  a  specified  position relative to the viewport boundaries.  Text may be
       written inside or outside the viewport, but is clipped at  the  subpage  boundaries.   The
       reference  point  of  a  string  lies  along a line passing through the string at half the
       height of a capital letter.  The position of  the  reference  point  along  this  line  is
       determined  by  just,  and the position of the reference point relative to the viewport is
       set by disp and pos.

       Redacted form: plmtex3(side, disp, pos, just, text)

       This function is used in example 28.


       side (const char *, input)
              Specifies the side of the viewport along which the  text  is  to  be  written.  The
              string  should contain one or more of the following characters: [xyz][ps][v].  Only
              one label is drawn at a time, i.e. xyp will only label the X axis, not both  the  X
              and  Y  axes.  x: Label the X axis.  y: Label the Y axis.  z: Label the Z axis.  p:
              Label the primary axis. For Z this is the leftmost Z axis. For X  it  is  the  axis
              that  starts  at  y-min.  For  Y it is the axis that starts at x-min.  s: Label the
              secondary axis.  v: Draw the text perpendicular to the axis.

       disp (PLFLT, input)
              Position of the reference point of string, measured  outwards  from  the  specified
              viewport edge in units of the current character height.  Use negative disp to write
              within the viewport.

       pos (PLFLT, input)
              Position of the reference point of string along the specified edge, expressed as  a
              fraction of the length of the edge.

       just (PLFLT, input)
              Specifies  the position of the string relative to its reference point.  If just=0.,
              the reference point is at the left and if just=1.,  it  is  at  the  right  of  the
              string.  Other values of just give intermediate justifications.

       text (const char *, input)
              The string to be written out.


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