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       plscompression - Set device-compression level




       Set  device-compression  level.   Only  used  for  drivers that provide compression.  This
       function, if used, should be invoked before a call to plinit(3plplot).

       Redacted form: plscompression(compression)

       This function is used in example 31.


       compression (PLINT, input)
              The desired compression level. This is a device-dependent value. Currently only the
              jpeg  and  png  devices use these values. For jpeg  value is the jpeg quality which
              should normally be in the range 0-95. Higher values denote higher quality and hence
              larger  image  sizes.  For  png values are in the range -1 to 99. Values of 0-9 are
              taken as the  compression level for zlib. A value of -1 denotes  the  default  zlib
              compression  level.  Values  in the range 10-99 are divided by 10 and  then used as
              the zlib  compression  level.  Higher  compression  levels  correspond  to  greater
              compression and small file sizes at the expense of more computation.


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