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       plsyax - Set y axis parameters


       plsyax(digmax, digits)


       Identical  to  plsxax(3plplot),  except  that  arguments  are  flags  for  y axis. See the
       description of plsxax(3plplot) for more detail.

       Redacted form: plsyax(digmax, digits)

       This function is used in examples 1,14,31.


       digmax (PLINT, input)
              Variable to set the maximum number of digits for  the  y  axis.   If  nonzero,  the
              printed  label  will be switched to a floating point representation when the number
              of digits exceeds digmax.

       digits (PLINT, input)
              Field digits value.  Currently, changing its value here has no effect since  it  is
              set  only  by  plbox(3plplot) or plbox3(3plplot).  However, the user may obtain its
              value after a call to either of these functions by calling plgyax(3plplot).


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       contributed to PLplot over its long history.


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