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       redi::pstreams -

       Common base class providing constants and typenames.


       #include <pstream.h>

       Inherited by redi::basic_ipstream< CharT, Traits > [virtual], redi::basic_opstream< CharT,
       Traits > [virtual], redi::basic_pstream< CharT, Traits > [virtual],
       redi::basic_pstreambuf< CharT, Traits >, redi::basic_rpstream< CharT, Traits > [virtual],
       and redi::pstream_common< CharT, Traits > [virtual].

   Public Types
       typedef std::ios_base::openmode pmode
           Type used to specify how to connect to the process.
       typedef std::vector< std::string > argv_type
           Type used to hold the arguments for a command.
       typedef int fd_type
           Type used for file descriptors.

   Static Public Attributes
       static const pmode pstdin = std::ios_base::out
           Write to stdin.
       static const pmode pstdout = std::ios_base::in
           Read from stdout.
       static const pmode pstderr = std::ios_base::app
           Read from stderr.

   Protected Types
       enum { bufsz = 32 }
       enum { pbsz = 2 }

Detailed Description

       Common base class providing constants and typenames.


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