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       shevek::avahi::browser - Class for browsing other hosts.


       #include <avahi.hh>

       Inherits shevek::refbase.

       struct details
           Details about a discovered service. These are internally created and may be examined
           by the application.
       struct owner
           Information about a discovered server.

   Public Types
       typedef std::set< details > details_list
           Container class for a list of details.
       typedef std::map< Glib::ustring, owner > list
           Container class for a list of owners.

   Public Member Functions
       list const & get_list ()
           Access the list of owners.
       sigc::signal1< void, Glib::ustring const & > signal_changed ()
           Signal to be notified when the list changes.
       ~browser ()
           The destructor cleans everything up.

   Static Public Member Functions
       static Glib::RefPtr< browser > create (Glib::ustring const &protocol)
           Create a browser class without an existing avahi object. Don't use this if you have an
           avahi object; use avahi::create_browser instead.
       static list get_list_block (Glib::ustring const &protocol, Glib::ustring const
           Synchronously get a list of owners. When using this, the servers are not monitored, so
           you will not be notified of any changes.

       class avahi

   Additional Inherited Members

Detailed Description

       Class for browsing other hosts.


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