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       shmem_char_g(3),   shmem_float_g(3),  shmem_int_g(3),  shmem_long_g(3),  shmem_short_g(3),
       shmem_longlong_g(3),  shmem_longdouble_g(3)  -  These  routines  provide  a  low   latency
       mechanism  to  read  basic  types  (char, short, int, float, double, long, long long, long
       double) from symmetric data objects on remote PEs.


       C or C++:
       #include <mpp/shmem.h>

       char shmem_char_g(char *addr, int pe);

       short shmem_short_g(short *addr, int pe);

       int shmem_int_g(int *addr, int pe);

       long shmem_long_g(long *addr, int pe);

       long shmem_longlong_g(long long *addr, int pe);

       float shmem_float_g(float *addr, int pe);

       double shmem_double_g(double *addr, int pe);

       long shmem_longdouble_g(long double *addr, int pe);


       These routines provide a very low latency get capability for single elements of most basic

       The arguments are as follows:

       addr   The  remotely accessible array element or scalar data object which will receive the
              data on the remote PE.

       pe     The number of the remote PE.


       intro_shmem(3), shmem_get(3)