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       apt-transport-s3   -  it's  a  package  which  contains  apt  transport
       ('plugin') allowing apt to fetch files stored in  private  repositories
       held on AWS S3.

AWS Credentials

       To  access  repositories  held  on  S3 it is compulsory to have correct
       permissions into the bucket  where  repository  is  located  and  those
       permissions have to be reflected in at least one of below two places.

       IAM  Roles  default place where S3 transport is looking for credentials
       allowing for fetching files from S3 bucket

       /etc/apt/s3auth.conf  credentials  configuration  file  in  ini  format
       without section headers

URI format

       URI  format is in standard apt format only difference with S3 transport
       is that instead of HTTP(s), cdrom or FTP protocol s3 should be used
       ex.  deb s3:// testing main  contrib  non-

EXAMPLE /etc/apt/s3auth.conf

        AccessKeyId = myaccesskey
        SecretAccessKey = mysecrectkey
        Token = ''

                                August 14, 2014            APT-TRANSPORT-S3(8)