Provided by: dsniff_2.4b1+debian-22.1_i386 bug


       arpspoof - intercept packets on a switched LAN


       arpspoof [-i interface] [-c own|host|both] [-t target] [-r] host


       arpspoof redirects packets from a target host (or all hosts) on the LAN
       intended for another host on the LAN by forging ARP replies.   This  is
       an extremely effective way of sniffing traffic on a switch.

       Kernel  IP  forwarding  (or  a  userland program which accomplishes the
       same, e.g. fragrouter(8)) must be turned on ahead of time.


       -i interface
              Specify the interface to use.

       -c own|host|both
              Specify which hardware address t  use  when  restoring  the  arp
              configuration;  while  cleaning up, packets can be send with the
              own address as well as with the address  of  the  host.  Sending
              packets  with  a  fake  hw address can disrupt connectivity with
              certain switch/ap/bridge configurations, however it  works  more
              reliably  than  using  the own address, which is the default way
              arpspoof cleans up afterwards.

       -t target
              Specify a particular host to ARP poison (if not  specified,  all
              hosts on the LAN). Repeat to specify multiple hosts.

       -r     Poison  both  hosts (host and target) to capture traffic in both
              directions.  (only valid in conjuntion with -t)

       host   Specify the host you wish to intercept packets for (usually  the
              local gateway).


       dsniff(8), fragrouter(8)


       Dug Song <>