Provided by: uronode_2.3.1-3_i386 bug


       axdigi - axdigi file.


       axdigi This executable should be loaded in your startup script with the
       command: /usr/local/sbin/axdigi (or path to where  you  installed  it).
       This  file  enables  cross-port  digipeating  within  your linux's ax25

       Special Conditions: axdigi In order to digipeat, you or the user *must*
       know  your  SSID  associated  with the ifconfig <interface> that is the
       direct link to the outbound path they wish  to  digi  to.  axdigi  will
       handle  the appropriate digipeat accordingly. If you have multiple ax25
       interfaces, you should somehow list them for the users in  the  axports
       description  so  they  will  see them when doing an "Interface" command
       while on URONode. If the user  wishes  to  log  off  URONode  and  digi
       through,  then  they  must use the interface's SSID associated with the
       OUTBOUND path to their destination.

       commands are:

       C <destination> via <your interface-SSID>
                     If the user heard station A1BCD-7 on your ax0  interface,
                     and  that interface's SSID is: W1XYZ-9 (NOT the FlexID of
                     URONode!) then  the  user  would  enter:  c  a1bcd-7  via
                     w1xyz-9  even if their inbound interface might be ax1 and
                     it's ifconfig shows your SSID as w1xyz-10!

       Detailed information
                     If you have 3 ax25  interfaces  ifconfigured  as:  ax0  -
                     w1xyz-9 ax1 - w1xyz-10 ax2 - w1xyz-11

                     User k2lmn would enter your node via ax2 and they wish to
                     digi to a1bcd-7 which is heard on ax0 they  would  simply
                     enter:  c  a1bcd-7 via w1xyz-9 to connect. Axdigi handles
                     the crossport functions. If they  tried:  c  a1bcd-7  via
                     w1xyz-11  the connect would fail because it would attempt
                     to digi OUT on your ax2 interface. This may get tricky so
                     expect   a   need   to   educate   your  users  on  this.
                     Unfortunately, linux lacks native cross-port  digipeating
                     at this time so this is a work-around.




       axports(5), ax25(4).