Provided by: axmail_2.5-1_i386 bug


       axMail - A powerful but simple SMTP plugin for URONode.


       axmail %u


       axMail-FAX  is a simple but powerful SMTP mail plugin for URONode. This
       package allows an end user to read and send SMTP  based  mail  via  RF,
       with many options available.


       The following commands are supported for users of axMail-FAX:

       ?             Give short list of available commands.

       Autofwd -     allows  the  end  user  for  forward  their  mail to this
                     location to any valid SMTP mailbox."

       Bye -         Disconnect user from their mailbox."

       Cancel -      Exit mailbox, discard any kills."

       Delete (number) -
                     Delete message number #. Multiple numbers  can  be  space

       Exit -        Quit the mailbox, save changes."

       Help (command) -
                     Display help for specific command."

       Info -        Online information about this application."

       Kill -        see  Delete. Msg numbers can be space delimited for multi

       List -        List your mailbox messages for reading."

       Name -        Enter or change your name in  your  outgoing  mail.  This
                     does not change your email address."

       Quit -        Quit   the   application,   kill   messages  flagged  for

       Read (number) -
                     Read message number #. You may reply to it after  reading
                     it by using the Send Reply (SReply) command."

       Send -        Send a message. axMail will prompt you through everything
                     step by step and also will ask  you  for  two  layers  of
                     receipt generations.

       STatus -      Quick listing of your mailbox status."

       Unkill -      Undelete or unkill a message flagged for deletion."

       Verbose -     Read your mail with full message headers for debugging."


            axMail configuration file.

            postfix configuration file.


       Brian Rogers (N1URO) <>


       Marius Petrescu (YO2LOJ) <>
       Bob Tenty (VE3TOK) <>
       Heikki Hannikainen (OH7LZB) <>