Provided by: burp_1.3.48-4.1build1_amd64 bug


       bedup - program for deduplication program with additional knowledge of burp


       bedup [options]

       A  file  deduplication program with additional knowledge of burp storage directories. This
       program comes with the burp backup and restore package.


       -c path
              Path to config file (default: /etc/burp/burp.conf).

       -g <list of group names>
              Only run on the directories of clients that are in one of the groups specified. The
              list  is  comma-separated. To put a client in a group, use the 'dedup_group' option
              in the client configuration file on the server.

       -h|-?  Print help text and exit.

       -d     Delete any duplicate files found. (non-burp mode only, use with caution!)

       -l     Hard link any duplicate files found.

       -m  <number>
              Maximum number of hard links to a single file. (non-burp mode only - in burp  mode,
              use  the  max_hardlinks  option in the configuration file) The default is 10000. On
              ext3, the maximum number of links possible is 32000, but space is  needed  for  the
              normal operation of burp.

       -n <list of directories>
              Non-burp mode. Deduplicate any (set of) directories.

       -v     Print  duplicate  paths. Useful if you want to double check the files that would be
              hard linked or deleted before running with one of those options turned on.

       -V     Print version and exit.

       By default, bedup will read /etc/burp/burp.conf and deduplicate client storage directories
       using special knowledge of the structure.

       With  '-n',  this  knowledge  is  turned  off  and  you have to specify the directories to
       deduplicate on the command line. Running with '-n'  is  therefore  dangerous  if  you  are
       deduplicating burp storage directories.


       If   you   find   bugs,   please   report   them  to  the  email  list.  See  the  website
       <> for details.


       The main author of Burp is Graham Keeling.


       See the LICENCE file included with the source distribution.

                                        February 10, 2012                                bedup(8)