Provided by: c-icap_0.4.2-2_amd64 bug


       c-icap-stretch - A simple utility for stretching ICAP servers


       c-icap-stretch [ -i icap_servername ] [ -p port ] [ -s service ] [ -urls filename ] [ -req
       ] [ -m max-requests ] [ -t threads-number ] [ -d debug level ] [ -x icap-header  ]  [  -hx
       http-request-header ] [ -rhx http-response-header ] file1 file2 ...


       c-icap-stretch is a simple utility for loading ICAP servers.


       -i icap_servername
              The hostname of the icap server. The default is localhost

       -p port
              The server port. The default port value is 1344

       -s service
              The service name. The default service name is "echo"

       -urls filename
              File with urls, one url per line, to use for stress test

       -req   Send request modification requests

       -m max-requests
              The maximum requests to send

       -t threads-number
              The number of client threads to start

       -d level
              debug level info to stdout

       -x icap-header
              Include the icap-header in icap request headers

       -hx http-request-header
              Include the http-request-header in http request headers

       -rhx http-response-header
              Include the http-response-header in http response headers

       file1 file2 ...
              The files to use as body data to the ICAP requests.


       c-icap(8) c-icap-client(8) c-icap-config(8) c-icap-libicapapi-config(8) c-icap-mkbdb(8)


       It can used only for ICAP response modification services.


       Tsantilas Christos

                                           c_icap 0.4.2                         c-icap-stretch(8)