Provided by: capstats_0.22-1_i386 bug


       capstats  -  print  statistics  about  the  current  load  on a network


       capstats [ options ] -i interface


       This manual page documents briefly the capstats command.

       capstats is a program that prints statistics about the current load  on
       a  network  interface  using  libpcap.   It reports statistics per time
       interval and/or for the tool's total run-time.

       Here's an example output with  output  in  one-second  intervals  until
       CTRL-C is hit:

       >capstats -i eth0 -I 1
       1186620936.890567 pkts=12747 kpps=12.6 kbytes=10807 mbps=87.5
       nic_pkts=12822 nic_drops=0 u=960 t=11705 i=58 o=24 nonip=0
       1186620937.901490 pkts=13558 kpps=13.4 kbytes=11329 mbps=91.8
       nic_pkts=13613 nic_drops=0 u=1795 t=24339 i=119 o=52 nonip=0
       1186620938.912399 pkts=14771 kpps=14.6 kbytes=13659 mbps=110.7
       nic_pkts=14781 nic_drops=0 u=2626 t=38154 i=185 o=111 nonip=0
       1186620939.012446 pkts=1332 kpps=13.3 kbytes=1129 mbps=92.6
       nic_pkts=1367 nic_drops=0 u=2715 t=39387 i=194 o=112 nonip=0
       === Total
       1186620939.012483 pkts=42408 kpps=13.5 kbytes=36925 mbps=96.5
       nic_pkts=1 nic_drops=0 u=2715 t=39387 i=194 o=112 nonip=0


       These programs follow the usual GNU  command  line  syntax,  with  long
       options  starting  with  two  dashes  (`-').   A  summary of options is
       included below.

       -i, --interface interface
              Listen on interface

       -d, --dag
              Use native DAG API if capstats was built with DAG support.

       -f, --filter filter
              BPF filter

       -I, --interval secs
              Stats logging interval

       -l, --syslog
              Use syslog rather than print to stderr

       -n, --number count
              Stop after outputting count intervals

       -p, --payload n
              Verifies that packets' payloads consist entirely of bytes of the
              given value.

       -q, --quiet count
              Suppress output, exit code indicates >= count packets received.

       -S, --size size
              Verify packets to have given size

       -s, --snaplen size
              Use pcap snaplen size

       -v, --version
              Print version and exit

       -w, --write filename
              Write packets to filename




       capstats was written by Robin Sommer <>

       This     manual     page     was     written     by     Justin    Azoff
       <>, for the Debian project (but may be used  by

                               January 15, 2010                    CAPSTATS(8)