Provided by: cfengine2_2.2.10-5build1_amd64 bug


       cfetoolcreate - Set up a new Database


       cfetool create name [--path-p directory name] [--step-s step] [--daily-d] [--weekly-w]
       [--yearly-y] [--cfenvd-c] [--histograms-H] [--verbose-v] [--file-f filename]


       Creates a new database and, optionally, histogram file in a new directory with the name
       given. If the -p option is specified, it will be created as a subdirectory of the path
       given. Otherwise, it will be a subdirectory of the current working directory.

       The -d, -w, and -y options specify the period over which the data will span, and may be
       combined to create multiple databases. If they are all omitted, the default is weekly.


           The directory in which to create the new database folder. If this argument is not
           provided, the current working directory will be used.

           The interval, in minutes, with which the database will be updated.  If this argument
           is not provided, cfetool assumes a default of 5 minutes.

           Create a database for recording daily patterns.

           Create a database for recording weekly patterns.

           Create a database for recording yearly patterns.

           Communicate with cfengine. If this option is specified, cfetool will set classes
           understandable by cfagent. For more information, see the cfenvd documentation.

           Create a histogram file, to store information about the probability distribiution of
           fluctuations about the mean value over all times of day.  Cfetool won't write anything
           to this file for the first four weeks, as it has to have reliable mean values in order
           to accurately calculate it.

           Print details of the command's execution to the standard output stream.

           Specifies a file which contains measurements to feed into the database in batch mode.
           Used for testing purposes. Each line in the file should be in either of these formats:

           month/day/year hour:min:sec value


           epoch value

           Prints a short help message and then exits.


         % cfetool create temperature --path /my/path --histograms --step 10

       Creates an empty database and histogram file in /my/path/temperature/, ready to store
       values over ten minute intervals spanning a one-week period.


       The code and documentation were contributed by Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, a
       department of Stanford University.  This documentation was written by

       Elizabeth Cassell <> and
       Alf Wachsmann <>


        Copyright 2004 Alf Wachsmann <> and
                       Elizabeth Cassell <>
        All rights reserved.