Provided by: cfengine2_2.2.10-5build1_amd64 bug


       cfservd - cfengine server daemon


       /usr/sbin/cfservd [options]


       cfengine  is  a  language  based  system specifically designed for testing and configuring
       unix-like systems attached to a TCP/IP network. Cfservd is a file  server  and  protective
       wrapper  for  starting  cfengine  remotely.  It  performs  access  control  based  on  RSA
       authentication and IP address.

       The daemon looks for a configuration file cfservd.conf by default.  Cfservd  gives  little
       information  when  it fails to serve. This is by design.  More information can be obtained
       using the debug option -d2 on both client and server ends.

       -d (--debug)
              Enable debugging output. (parsing -d1,run, -d2, lite -d3)

       -h (--help)


       Mark Burgess, Oslo University College


                                       Maintenance Commands                           cfengine(8)