Provided by: mod-gearman-tools_1.5.5-1build1_amd64 bug


       check_gearman - Nagios service check to monitor the gearman job server



       check_gearman [ -H=<hostname>[:port]         ]

       [ -t=<timeout>

       [ -w=<jobs warning level>
              ]  default: 10

       [ -c=<jobs critical level>
              ]  default: 100

       [ -W=<worker warning level>
              ]  default: 25

       [ -C=<worker critical level>
              ]  default: 50

       [ -q=<queue>

   to send a test job:
       [ -u=<unique job id>
              ]  default: check

       [ -s=<send text>

       [ -e=<expect text>

       [ -a   send async      ]  will ignore -e

       [ -h   print help      ]

       [ -v   verbose output  ]

       [ -V   print version   ]

              -  You  may  set thresholds to 0 to disable them.  - Thresholds are only for server
              checks, worker checks are availability only

   perfdata format when checking job server:
              'queue waiting'=current waiting jobs;warn;crit;0  'queue  running'=current  running
              jobs 'queue worker'=current num worker;warn;crit;0

       Note: set your pnp RRD_STORAGE_TYPE to MULTIPLE to support changeing numbers of queues.

              see for detailed information

   perfdata format when checking mod gearman worker:
              worker=10 jobs=1508c

       Note: Job thresholds are per queue not totals.


       Check job server:

       %>./check_gearman  -H  localhost  -q  host  check_gearman  OK  - 0 jobs running and 0 jobs
       waiting. Version: 0.14

       Check worker:

       %> ./check_gearman -H <job server hostname> -q worker_<worker hostname>  -t  10  -s  check
       check_gearman OK - host has 5 worker and is working on 0 jobs


       The Mod Gearman documentation is available in /usr/share/doc/mod-gearman/README.html