Provided by: nagios-plugin-check-multi_0.26-2_all bug


       check_multi  -  nagios plugin to combine multiple service checks in one


       Usage: check_multi -f <config file> [-n name] [-t timeout] [-T TIMEOUT]

              [-r level] [-l libexec_path] [-s option=value]

       check_multi [-h | --help] [-hh  extended  help]  [-hhh  complete  help]
       check_multi [-v | --verbose] check_multi [-V | --version]

       [ more infos on ]

       Common options: -f, --filename

              config  file  which  contains  commands  to be executed multiple
              files can be specified serially if filename is a directory,  all
              '.cmd'  files  will  be  taken  (file format follows nrpe style:
              command[tag]=plugin command line)

       -n, --name

              multi plugin name (shown in output), default:

       -r, --report <level>

              specify level of details in output (level is binary coded,  just
              sum  up  all  options) default:13 see more details with extended
              help option -hh

       -s, --set <option>=<value>

              <KEY>=<VALUE> - set multi variable $<KEY>$ to <VALUE>  see  more
              details with complete help option -hhh

       -t, --timeout

              timeout for one command, default:11

       -T, --TIMEOUT

              TIMEOUT for all commands, default:60

       -l, --libexec

              path to plugins, default:/usr/lib/nagios/plugins

       -h, --help

              print  detailed  help  screen  (extended help with -hh, complete
              help with -hhh)

       -v, --verbose

              prints debug output (multiple -v extend debug level)

       -V, --version

              print version information

       Extended command line - command file options also available on  command
       line:  -x,  --execute "command [ tag ] = check_xyz" -i, --instant "tag"
       -y, --inventory -w, --warning  <expression> -c, --critical <expression>
       -u, --unknown  <expression> -o, --ok       <expression>