Provided by: checksecurity_2.0.16+nmu1ubuntu1_all bug


       checksecurity - Run a collection of simple system checks




       The  checksecurity  command  runs  a  small  collection  of simple system checks which are
       designed to catch a few common security issues.  checksecurity is run by cron in  a  daily


       The   checksecurity.conf   file   defines   several   configuration   variables:   MAILTO,
       CHECK_DISKFREE, CHECK_PASSWD and CHECK_SETUID LOGDIR.  Each is described below.

       The checksecurity program works  with  a  collection  of  plugins  which  are  located  in
       /usr/share/checksecurity and are configured individually by their own configuration file.

       CHECK_PASSWD  If  this  is set to TRUE then the check-passwd script will be invoked.  This
       script is designed to report upon system accounts which have no passwords.  CHECK_DISKFREE
       If  this  is  set to TRUE then the check-diskfree script will be invoked and will allow an
       alert to be sent if there is any  mounted  partition  is  running  short  on  disk  space.
       CHECK_SETUID  If  this  is  set to TRUE then the check-setuid script will be invoked, this
       will compare the setuid binaries upon the system to those that existed previously and show
       the differences.


              checksecurity configuration file


       See also check-diskfree(8), check-setuid(8), check-passwd(8) and check-iptables-logs(8)