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       cpupcstat - Measure the DTLB miss rate


       cpupcstat [options] [target]


       cpupcstat  uses  oprofile  to measure the DTLB miss rate of a specified
       application or the kernel.  It configures oprofile to count the  number
       of  DTLB  misses, optionally starts the target, and reports on the miss
       rate over a specified interval as target executes.

       The following options can be used to configure how cpupcstat works:

       --vmlinux </path/to/vmlinux>

              This allows the user to specify where  the  appropriate  vmlinux
              file   is   for   their  kernel.   If  this  is  not  specified,
              /boot/vmlinux-`uname -r` will be used.

       --delay <seconds>

              This allows the user to specify  the  reporting  interval.   The
              default is 10 seconds.


              Gather  statistics  for  all processes and the kernel running in
              the system.

       --target-pid <pid>

              This allows the user to specify the pid  of  a  process  already
              that  is  already  running.  If this option is specified, target
              will be ignored.

       --real-target <real-target>

              Use this to specify the real name of the program to  monitor  if
              the target is a launcher script.  When this is specified, target
              is executed but the report will be for real-target.

       --time-limit <sec>

              This option sets the time limit  for  monitoring.   If  this  is
              specified  the  target  or  pid  will  only be monitored for sec
              seconds.  The default continues monitoring while target  or  pid
              are still alive.


              This allows the user to request DTLB miss rate data be collected
              for the kernel as well as the target.


              This option requests that the ratio of instructions retired  per
              TLB miss.


              This option requests that the ratio of CPU cycles per TLB miss.


              This  option  requests  that  the percentage of CPU cycles spent
              servicing TLB misses is displayed when cpupcstat exits.  To  use
              this option the cost in CPU cycles for a single TLB miss must be
              specified  using  either  the  --cost-config   option   or   the

       --cost-config </path/to/config>

              This option tells cpupcstat that the cost in CPU cycles of a TLB
              miss can be found in the specified file, it should be  specified


              Where  XX  is the cost in cycles.  This option is only used with
              the --time-servicing option.


              cpupcstat prefers the perf tool for data collection, only  using
              oprofile  if perf is not present or supported.  This option will
              force cpupcstat to use oprofile for data collection.


       oprofile(1) perf(1)


       Eric B Munson <> is  the  primary  author.  See  the
       documentation for other contributors.

                                 9 June, 2009                     CPUCPSTAT(8)