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       ctluser - control lusers


       ctluser [ -h ] [ -m ] command [ argument...  ]


       Ctluser  sends  a message to the control channel of a given luser(8) This command can only
       be run by the sysadmin(1)

       In the normal mode of behavior, the message is sent  to  the  luser's  brain,  which  then
       performs the requested action and sends back a reply with a text message and the exit code
       for ctluser.  If the luser's brain successfully performed the command, ctluser  will  exit
       with a status of zero and print the reply on standard output.

       The  ``-m''  flag  is  used  to display an MPEG of the results of the given command on the
       console of the sysadmin(1) Note that this requires the sysadmin(1)  to  be  running  an  X

       To  see  a command summary, use the ``-h'' flag.  If a command is included when ctluser is
       invoked with the ``-h'' flag, then only the usage for that command will be given.

       The complete list of commands follows.  Note that all commands  have  a  fixed  number  of
       arguments.   If  a parameter can be an empty string, then it is necessary to specify it as
       two adjacent quotes, like "".

       addhist <entry>
              Add an entry to the luser's employment record.

       allow reason
              Allow a luser to use the computer system again.  The reason must be the  same  text
              given  with an earlier ``reject'' command.  Note that this command is currently not

       begin name
              Begin a new luser(1) with the given file.  Note that this command is currently  not

       cancel pid
              Causes a process of a luser to be killed

       changegroup group
              Changes a luser from their current workgroup to the one specified.

              Forces a user to return to a paper based system

       drop   Causes a large mass to drop onto the luser from a great height.

              Destorys all logs of the actions done by the sysadmin(1) to the luser.

       go reason
              The luser is fired for the given reason.

       hangup Makes the luser hang themselves

       mode   Displays the operating mode of the luser

       newgroup group
              Causes a luser to make their own newgroup up

       pause thought
              Makes  the luser pause for the given thought.  Note that this may cause some lusers
              to crash

       shutdown reason
              Makes the luser shutdown. This is essentially the same as killing them

       signal sig
              Sends the given signal to the luser

       throttle reason
              Causes the luser to throttle themselves

       trace item flag
              Gives the sysadmin(1) information on what the luser is doing.


       Ctluser sometimes has the effect of lusers complaining  the  to  management.  The  use  of
       bosskill(8) maybe required at this point.


       Written  by  Simon Burr <>. Based upon the manual page for ctlinnd(8), part
       of the InterNetNews system.


       luser(1), sysadmin(1), bosskill(8)

                                         19 October 1995                               CTLUSER(8)