Provided by: cyrus-common_2.4.18-3_amd64 bug


       ctl_cyrusdb - perform operations common to all Cyrus databases


       ctl_cyrusdb [ -C config-file ] -r [ -x ]
       ctl_cyrusdb [ -C config-file ] -c


       Ctl_cyrusdb is used to perform various administrative operations on the Cyrus databases.

       Ctl_cyrusdb reads its configuration options out of the imapd.conf(5) file unless specified
       otherwise by -C.  The configdirectory option is used to determine the default location  of
       the Cyrus databases.


       -C config-file
              Read configuration options from config-file.

       -r     Recover  the  databases  after  an  application  or  system failure.  Also performs
              database cleanup like removing mailbox reservations  (and  any  associated  mailbox

              All  mailbox  files  are  also  checked  to  make  sure the file format matches the
              configured database  type  in  imapd.conf.   If  not,  the  file  is  automatically
              converted using the same logic as cvt_cyrusdb.

       -x     Used with -r to recover the database only.  (Prevents database cleanup).

       -c     Checkpoint  and  archive  the databases.  Changes to the database which are part of
              committed transactions are written to disk.  Also, a hot backup of the databases is
              made and inactive log files are removed.




       imapd.conf(5), cyrmaster(8)