Provided by: cyrus-common_2.4.18-3_i386 bug


       cyr_expire - expire messages and duplicate delivery database entries


       cyr_expire  [  -C config-file ] [ -D delete-days ] -E expire-duration [
       -X expunge-days ] [ -p  mailbox-prefix ] [ -v ]


       Cyr_expire is used to expire messages and duplicate  delivery  database
       entries.   Cyr_expire  also  cleanses  mailboxes  of partially expunged
       messages (when using the "delayed" expunge mode).   The  expiration  of
       messages  is  controlled  by the /vendor/cmu/cyrus-imapd/expire mailbox
       annotation which specifies the age (in days) of messages in  the  given
       mailbox  that  should  be  deleted.   Any  duplicate  delivery database
       entries which correspond to the mailbox are also deleted  at  the  same

       The value of the /vendor/cmu/cyrus-imapd/expire annotation is inherited
       by all children of the given mailbox, so an entire mailbox tree can  be
       expired  by  seting a single annotation on the root of that tree.  If a
       mailbox does not have a /vendor/cmu/cyrus-imapd/expire  annotation  set
       on  it (or does not inherit one), then no messages are expired from the

       Cyr_expire reads its configuration options  out  of  the  imapd.conf(5)
       file unless specified otherwise by -C.


       -C config-file
              Read configuration options from config-file.

       -D delete-duration
              Remove  previously  deleted mailboxes older than delete-duration
              (when using the "delayed" delete mode).   The  value  can  be  a
              floating point number, and may have a suffix to specify the unit
              of time.  If no suffix, the value  is  number  of  days.   Valid
              suffixes are d (days), h (hours), m (minutes) and s (seconds).

       -E expire-duration
              Prune  the  duplicate  database  of  entries  older than expire-
              duration.  This value is only used for entries which do not have
              a     corresponding    /vendor/cmu/cyrus-imapd/expire    mailbox
              annotation.  Format is the same as delete-duration.

       -X expunge-duration
              Expunge previously deleted messages older than  expunge-duration
              (when  using the "delayed" expunge mode).  Format is the same as

        -x    Do not expunge messages  even  if  using  delayed  expunge  mode
              (reduces the IO hit considerably, allowing you to run cyr_expire
              frequently  to  clean  up   the   duplicate   database   without
              overloading your server)

       -p mailbox-prefix
              Only   find   mailboxes   starting   with   this  prefix.   e.g.

       -v     Enable verbose output.

       -a     Skip  the   annotation   lookup,   so   all   /vendor/cmu/cyrus-
              imapd/expire annotations are ignored entirely.  It behaves as if
              they were not set, so only expire-days  is  considered  for  all




       imapd.conf(5), cyrmaster(8)