Provided by: fai-server_5.0.3ubuntu1_all bug


       dhcp-edit - add or and remove entries to/from dhcpd.conf


       dhcp-edit [OPTION] HOST MAC [IP]


       Add a new host entry to dhcpd.conf or remove an existing entry.
       Additionally restart DHCP daemon.


       -d      Dry run. Do not change files.

       -h      Print help.

       -n      Do not restart DHCP daemon.

       -p PATTERN
               Add new entry before line matching PATTERN

       -r HOST|MAC
               Remove entry contain HOST or MAC address.


       dhcp-edit host mac

          Add entry using host and mac address using a fixed IP address. You
          have to define the IP address in /etc/hosts or similar service.

       dhcp-edit host mac ip

          Add entry using host and mac address using the numerical IP address.

       dhcp-edit -r hostname|mac

          Remove line containing this hostname or mac address.


       This program is Copyright (C) 2010-2015 by Thomas Lange

                                  2015-05-26                      DHCP-EDIT(8)