Provided by: dizzy_0.3-3_all bug


       dizzy-render - seed a directory with cached texture files


       dizzy-render -o output-dir -r resolution [names...]


       dizzy-render can be used to preseed a directory with cached textures.  Why an extra tool,
       if Dizzy can do this itself? Well, people might want to generate textures in the
       installation script of a distro package, where it's unlikely or at least unwanted that an
       X11 program spawns to render textures.


       -o output-dir
       --output-path output-dir
           Dump the textures to this directory. The directory will be created if it does not
           exist. The default value is /var/cache/dizzy/textures.

       -r resolution
       --resolution resolution
           Sets the resolution at which the textures will be rendered. The default value is 256,
           just like Dizzy's default resolution.

       The options can be followed by a list of names. If there are any such names specified,
       only textures with these names will be rendered.


       This tool cannot make use of GLSL shaders to speed up rendering. But on the other hand,
       the cache files are not portable, and there is no need to generate them on a GLSL
       supporting machine.

       This is not even recommended, as performance tests have shown GLSL rendering to be much
       faster than loading the textures from disk for high resolutions.