Provided by: dtc-xen_0.5.17-1_all bug


       dtc-xen-volgroup  - This script is a part of the SOAP server of dtc-xen running over HTTPS
       with Auth.




       dtc-xen-volgroup This shell script is a part of the dtc-xen package that is to be used  by
       the  dtc panel to manage a Xen VPS server. It determines the name of the last volume group
       seen in the list of active volume groups, in order to create partitions for your  VPS  and
       avoid  a  painful  configuration  of  your  server.  If you do not want that dtc-xen auto-
       determines the volume group for your VPS, as you have more than one in your  system,  then
       you can edit /etc/dtc-xen/dtc-xen.conf in order to override this script.