Provided by: dtc-xen_0.5.17-1_all bug


       dtc_setup_disk - setup LVM disks for using it as a VM


DESCRIPTION  This  shell  script  is a part of the dtc-xen package that is to be
       used by the dtc panel to manage a Xen VPS server.

       This script is used to create partitions to be used by a VPS later on.  It will  create  a
       normal partition that will be used as a root disk, and a swap partition.

       dtc_setup_disk  is  to  be  used  by  the  dtc-xen  SOAP server, but can also be used as a
       standalone userland tool.

       If the partition(s) exists, then this script will delete it/them first.


       VPS_NUMBER has to be a number between 01 and 19. Let's say the number is 16, and that dtc-
       xen  is  configured  to  use  the  volume  group called lvm1, then this script will create
       /dev/lvm1/xen16 and /dev/lvm1/xen16swap.

       HDD_SIZE Size in MB of the VPS partition to create.

       SWAP_SIZE Size in MB of the VPS swap partition to create. If the dtc-xen  SOAP  server  is
       used to create the VPS, then it will create a swap partition of the exact same size as the

       IMAGE_TYPE This parameter can have 2 values: either lvm or loopback. If ommited, then  lvm
       is  used.  If  lvm  is  used,  then  this  script will create a partition using lvmcreate,
       otherwise it will create an image file. Both will later be used for the VPS.


       dtc_setup_vps_disk 04 15360 256 lvm

       This will create 2 LVM partition to be used by the VPS named xen04, the first one being  a
       root partition of 15 GB, and the second one being a swap partition of 256 MB.


       This     documentation     describes     dtc_setup_vps_disk     version    0.3.15.     See for updates.


       dtc_reinstall_os(8), dtc_kill_vps_disk(8)