Provided by: sendmail-bin_8.15.2-3_i386 bug


       editmap - query and edit single records in database maps for sendmail


       editmap  [-C  file]  [-N]  [-f] [-q|-u|-x] maptype mapname key [ "value
       ..." ]


       Editmap queries or edits one record in database maps used by the  keyed
       map  lookups  in sendmail(8).  Arguments are passed on the command line
       and output (for queries) is directed to standard output.

       Depending on how it is compiled, editmap handles up to three  different
       database formats, selected using the maptype parameter.  They may be

       dbm    DBM format maps.  This requires the ndbm(3) library.

       btree  B-Tree format maps.  This requires the new Berkeley DB library.

       hash   Hash format maps.  This also requires the Berkeley DB library.

       If the TrustedUser option is set in the sendmail configuration file and
       editmap is invoked as root, the generated files will be  owned  by  the
       specified TrustedUser.

       -C     Use the specified sendmail configuration file for looking up the
              TrustedUser option.

       -N     Include the null byte that terminates strings in  the  map  (for
              alias maps).

       -f     Normally  all  upper case letters in the key are folded to lower
              case.  This flag disables that behaviour.  This is  intended  to
              mesh  with  the -f flag in the K line in  The value
              is never case folded.

       -q     Query the map for the specified key.  If found, print  value  to
              standard  output  and  exit  with 0.  If not found then print an
              error message to stdout and exit with EX_UNAVAILABLE.

       -u     Update the record for key with value or inserts a new record  if
              one  doesn't  exist.   Exits  with  0  on success or EX_IOERR on

       -x     Deletes the specific key from the map.  Exits with 0 on  success
              or EX_IOERR on failure.

       SEE ALSO
              sendmail(8), makemap(8)


       The editmap command has no history.

                         $Date: 2013-11-22 20:51:26 $               EDITMAP(8)