Provided by: xymon_4.3.25-1_i386 bug


       enadis.cgi - CGI program to enable/disable Xymon tests


       enadis.cgi (invoked via CGI from webserver)


       enadis.cgi  is  a  CGI  tool for disabling and enabling hosts and tests
       monitored by Xymon. You can disable monitoring of a  single  test,  all
       tests  for a host, or multiple hosts - immediately or at a future point
       in time.

       enadis.cgi runs as a CGI program, invoked by  your  webserver.   It  is
       normally  run  via  a wrapper shell-script in the secured CGI directory
       for Xymon.

       enadis.cgi is the back-end script for the enable/disable  form  present
       on  the  "info" status-pages. It can also run in "stand-alone" mode, in
       which case it displays a web form allowing  users  to  select  what  to
       enable or disable.


              Normally,  enadis.cgi  uses  a  cookie  sent  by  the browser to
              initially filter the list of hosts presented.  If  this  is  not
              desired,   you   can   turn   off   this  behaviour  by  calling
              acknowledge.cgi  with  the  --no-cookies  option.   This   would
              normally   be   placed   in   the   CGI_ENADIS_OPTS  setting  in

              Load the environment from FILENAME before executing the CGI.

              Load environment variables for a specific  area.  NB:  if  used,
              this option must appear before any --env=FILENAME option.


              HTML template header


       When  using  alternate  pagesets,  hosts  will  only  show  up  on  the
       Enable/Disable page if this is accessed from the primary page in  which
       they  are  defined.  So  if you have hosts on multiple pages, they will
       only be visible for disabling from their main page which  is  not  what
       you would expect.